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Dr. Walter Schindler, PhD, JD combines law, business, and investment experience into an integrated vision for profitable sustainability.

His strategic approach applies to mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance transactions, and public offerings of securities.


Dr. Schindler is a globally recognized thought leader in creating sustainable business strategies and innovative solutions to difficult challenges..

With over 40 years of successful legal, investment, and business experience in energy, water, agriculture, and technology, Dr. Schindler brings a unique approach to helping each client achieve important sustainability, investment, and business goals. He serves individuals, family offices, and companies as legal counsel, strategic advisor, sustainability expert, and speaker. He brings extraordinary value by integrating legal principles with a deep understanding of the world’s most complicated sustainability issues.

Dr. Schindler’s unique investment model goes beyond looking at companies with proven technologies or strong management. He connects investment companies with a global network of clean tech capital markets, providing comprehensive advisory services and strategic support.

"Only disruptive technology can bridge the growing gap between the supply and demand of energy, water, food, and other global resources."
- Walter Schindler, @Yale, EMBA Sustainability Colloquium 2015

Mapping the Puzzle of Disruptive Transformation

In 2000, Walter Schindler stepped away from a successful law firm partnership to dive into the world of sustainable investing in a journey he calls “mapping the puzzle of disruptive transformation.” At each stage of his journey, he has been a step ahead of his time, advising some of the first renewable energy movers and shakers as a corporate lawyer starting from 1980.


The Future of Energy

International Impact

Dr. Walter Schindler