Beyond Renewables: Investing in Energy Infrastructure

Co-Authored By Walter Schindler, Ed Hirs and Victoria Brodsky, Transformation LLC

I had the honor and the privilege of attending the AIM Summit in Dubai as an invited speaker on November 26-27. Not only was it my first AIM Summit, but it was also my first experience visiting the incredible and fabulous city of Dubai. As one might expect, the ambience and grandeur of the setting, combined with the professionalism of the Summit, well organized by Conference Director Raha Moradi, exceeded all of my expectations for the quality of the participants as well as the content, topics and substance of the speeches and panels. Continue reading “Beyond Renewables: Investing in Energy Infrastructure”

How Blockchain Could Impact Our Energy Usage

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Guest Post

You may be familiar with the term “blockchain” from the post a few weeks back, or from the many news stories about Bitcoin and other new cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is the way that such currencies track the holding and exchange of currency units — a secure, transparent ledger system that all participants can see and use to track their own assets. Continue reading “How Blockchain Could Impact Our Energy Usage”

Investments in Water and Desalination

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When researching green investment opportunities, it’s easy to be drawn to the transportation or energy sectors. Not only have new technological developments created a lot of activity in these arenas, but both have been traditional focuses for investment over many decades. This article takes a look at a different sector that has not attracted a lot of attention over the years, but is a resource that is even more fundamental and critical: water. Continue reading “Investments in Water and Desalination”

CleanTech Venture Capital Shortage Leaves Opportunities Wide Open for Wily Investors

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The demand for clean and renewable energy sources will continue to rise in the next decade, particularly as governments, investors, and the general public digest the two recent reports from the United Nations and the U.S. government on the extent of climate change already under way and what is soon to come. Continue reading “CleanTech Venture Capital Shortage Leaves Opportunities Wide Open for Wily Investors”

Interview with Dr. Walter Schindler

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What is your advice for investing in green energy projects?

After the last 20 years of trial and error and experience with green energy, there is sufficient skepticism among any investors that the pricing of good green energy project can often be very attractive. I recommend that all green energy projects be reviewed by a business planning perspective of the same principles of analysis that would apply to any energy project. Continue reading “Interview with Dr. Walter Schindler”