What is Private Equity?

Private Equity

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

There are several important distinctions to be made when discussing private equity. The first is the difference between venture capital and private equity.

Venture Capital is a uniquely American invention. The founder of American venture capital is often considered to be Laurance Rockefeller from the 1930’s, although there are others who also deserve a great deal of credit such as John Hay Whitney. Continue reading “What is Private Equity?”


The Golden Rules of Closing a Deal

Golden Rules

In my career of closing over 60 mergers and acquisitions and another 11 IPO’s, it has been my consistent experience that everyone thinks they are closer to closing a deal sooner than, in fact, they are. There is a universal denial of how long it takes to put together all the details of a successful transaction, as we always seem to underestimate the complexities of achieving traction and coordination.  And the most complicated moving parts are usually human. Yet I have closed 100% of all transactions that reached a signed letter of intent. Continue reading “The Golden Rules of Closing a Deal”