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For over 30 years, Dr. Schindler has been providing clients with the tools needed to achieve their goals. As a corporate lawyer, investor and business strategist, he has developed extensive experience in some of the most challenging legal transactions in business. Today he shares that experience with startup and established business clients as a strategic advisor, and with groups as a keynote speaker.

Strategic Advisor: Corporate Sustainability and M&A

Under Transformation LLC, Dr. Schindler provides strategic advisor services in an integrated legal, business and sustainability approach to investments and projects. His programs as a sustainability advisor and M&A advisor can help you gain expertise in the best practices and strategies of sustainable investments. His focus is currently in the areas of renewable energy, water innovations, sustainable agriculture and transformational technologies.

Keynote Speaker

During his time in corporate law, Dr. Schindler developed a keen understanding of the global need for sustainable initiatives. As an investor and strategic advisor, his focus has largely been in areas of sustainable innovation, which has made him a leader in the space. He’s been a leader of several U.S. trade missions, an integral part of numerous early renewable power and co-generation projects, and a pioneer of sustainable investing. He shares his extensive experience and know-how behind the podium and on stage as a keynote speaker, with a unique ground-zero point of view of the sustainability movement.