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Keynote Speaker

A good keynote speaker can transform an event and engage an audience. They bring their area of expertise to the table in a way that helps people understand the conference’s focus and set the underlying tone. Whether through laughter, storytelling or simply a passion for their subject, keynote speakers raise enthusiasm for the main topic. For Dr. Schindler, leaving the world a better place is his passion, with a side of capital investment.

Renewable Energy, Business, Sustainability Speaker

Dr. Walter Schindler has been an invited guest speaker, keynote speaker, renewable energy speaker, and business speaker at Harvard business school, Yale School of Management, as well as the UCLA Anderson School of Management, among others. He has recently spoken at the Alternative Investment Summit in Dubai on the Future of Energy Investments. He’s an annual speaker at the Yale Energy Forum on topics like the future of energy investing and trends within the convergence of the entire spectrum of energy and technology.

Read the slide deck from his most recent speech, “The Evolution of Impact Investing“.

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