Victoria Brodsky

When to Hire an Advisory Firm

What do advisors or advisory firms do?

Firstly, in order to discuss what advisory firms do, we should look at the difference between advisory firms and consultancy firms. The difference between these two usually varies from firm to firm. However, in practical terms, consultants usually work on specific operational projects with deliverables to meet the clients’ strategic objectives.

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Victoria Brodsky

What do Corporate Lawyers Do?

Bookshelf, representing corporate law

What is a Corporate Lawyer?

The role of a corporate lawyer really depends on the type of client they are serving. However, most corporate lawyers, no matter the industry, size, or type of client is responsible for advising on the clients’ legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations in their business. They may work as outside counsel, either for themselves at their own legal advisory firm or at a small-to-large sized law firm, or they may work as employees of a company as their general counsel.

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