Victoria Brodsky

How to Improve Leadership Skills in Business

inspiring leadership

No matter what type of business you’re in – investing, strategic advisory, financial management, legal advisory…there is always value in improving your leadership skills. Not only is it crucial for personal and professional development, but your immediate and extended teams will benefit from your honed leadership skills through your example, as well as the tactics you implement.

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The Art of Listening and Why it Matters for Strategic Advisors

“It’s just amazing what you hear when you listen,” as Yogi Berra reminded us. As usual, Yogi captured the essence of not only a timeless problem, but also one of increasing urgency in our current milieu.

The omnipresence of mobile devices, laptops, and other electronic distractions has caused a phrase of T.S. Eliot’s poetry to ring more true today than when it was first penned: “Distracted from distraction by distraction.” That line was written in the 1940’s when you would think that all minds were focused on World War II.

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How to Be a Good Leader at Home and At the Office

be a good leader

by Guest Blogger

In almost every aspect of life, there is opportunity to lead. As a spouse, a parent, a boss, or a citizen, applying leadership practices can make everyday duties and interactions more pleasurable and valuable. The challenge is that leadership is often misunderstood, and most would like to be a better leader, but don’t know where to start. Continue reading “How to Be a Good Leader at Home and At the Office”