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Through the years, Dr. Schindler has been instrumental in the creation of several companies, two of which can be found below. SAIL Capital Partners has been the recipient of numerous awards and acclaim in the filed of sustainability and law; Transformation LLC is expected to follow the same path. Between the two companies, it spans 20 years of sustainable investing, law and pioneering experience.

SAIL Capital Partners

In 1999, Dr. Schindler founded SAIL Capital Partners, a pioneering, cleantech-focused venture capital firm. SAIL became a leading investor in energy and water technology companies, focusing on sustainable innovation and growth potential. Under his leadership, SAIL has invested in a number of leading sustainable innovators, including WaterHealth International, FlexEnergy and the CleanTech Group.

Transformation LLC

In 2018, Dr. Schindler launched a new strategic advisory firm, Transformation LLC with an unusual approach to investing. Transformation provides clients access to experts in the areas of energy, water, agriculture, and technology. The company covers its operating costs by providing strategic advisory services. It adds value to shareholder wealth by fund management and project management services, which can produce exponential returns on the development capital invested.