There has never been a more positive outlook on the convergence of the entire spectrum of energy and the latest disruptive technology. Clean technology is no longer just solar and wind power; investors and scientists alike understand the value of improving the efficiency of all types of energy by applying the latest technologies.

Making Clean Technology Worth Investing In

Whether you call it clean technology, green technology, or cleantech, many recognize that the need for changing how we manage our resources is growing. The future is written in our growing population, growing climate change, and growing demand for energy. We need better technology—clean technology—that helps us maintain our resources and our population.

As a pioneer in investing in cleantech, Dr. Schindler’s immense experience has earned him global recognition in his work to understand the question of “How do we make green technologies worth the investment?”

No one has more experience in this arena than Dr. Schindler. He’s advised some of the world’s leading sustainability companies as a corporate lawyer and invested in some of the first ground-breaking cleantech as a venture capitalist.

Today, he focuses on initiatives that make a long-lasting impact on protecting the world’s sustainable resources. Whether finding key investment opportunities or providing his expertise as a sustainability advisor, he works to uncover clean technologies that make a difference.

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The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. -Edward Teller