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Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for thinking of as a place to share your content. We greatly value our readers and do our best to ensure the content and interaction provided is up to par. With this in mind, we do have a few rules when considering guest posts, and we ask that our guests follow these rules:

  • Posts may not include affiliate links or other self-serving or promotional links within the content. Please reserve any promotional links for the bio.
  • Consider adding more than one post, it behooves you and our readers.
  • Please look over the site to see the topics covered before submitting your article.
  • Please send guest posts via email in Word, Open Office or Rich Text Format.
  • Posts should be 600 words or longer, unless a post has lots of images or video supplements.
  • Please attach a few pictures for your post (with image credits when necessary).
  • No, we will not send you a notice once your article is live. It’s incumbent on you to add our RSS feed in order to know when your article is live.
  • Please be sure to link any resources, tools, etc. that you specifically mention.
  • Posts must be written with grammatically correct English.
  • Provide an updated bio of approximately 50 words. Include:
  1. a link to your top social network
  2. one link to your website (deep links okay)
  3. email address linked to your Gravatar image

Guest posters who become regular contributors will need to provide a longer bio. They will be provided with a contributor’s account to have more control of how an article looks before being published. However, all posts will be left in draft until approved by the site administrator.

If you are interested in guest posting for, please submit your topic idea within the contact form. Thank you for considering us!