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How to Be a Good Leader at Home and At the Office

be a good leader

In almost every aspect of life, there is opportunity to lead. As a spouse, a parent, a boss, or a citizen, applying leadership practices can make everyday duties and interactions more pleasurable and valuable. The challenge is that leadership is often misunderstood, and most would like to be a better leader, but don’t know where to start.

We know good leaders communicate well, inspire others, take responsibility, and are good decision makers. We know that there are many different types of leadership. But in order to start leading in your everyday life, it doesn’t have to be complicated; you really only have to build a foundation from two things: your vision, and your core values.

The Vision – Where You’re Going

Vision is the picture of where you are going — it serves as the purpose that drives you. The vision for your and family life, your professional life, and your own personal wellness may look very different.

The Core Values – How You Get There

Your core values are your ethics in which you carry out the everyday duties, happenings, and events of the various aspects of your life.

Leadership in Family Life

For family, a vision may established by say, the parents, but should be communicated and understood by all the members of the family. The vision may be to have a happy, healthy, family that loves one another and will put each other first at all times, spend holidays together, and grow into a larger family someday. Having a vision for your family can help create a foundation for your children and their children, providing a direction and purpose for every family member.

The values that you set for your family are equally as important, and may include things like love, integrity, honesty, care, and responsibility but should be unique to your family. Leadership values in a family can help family members stick together during hard times, remember what’s important, and be a useful in both daily life family activities (i.e. sitting down together for dinner), or challenges like a dealing with an illness in the family.

Leadership in Work Life

A concept of a leader’s vision for his or her company or organization is often studied and discussed, but it is still the case that companies big and small are led by authority figures who have vision, but lack values. Vision is a key element to any successful venture because it tells your whole organization where you want to go, and what you want to be. Every member, from the executive team to the janitorial staff, should be able to recite a company’s vision at any moment in time; a vision serves as the North Star for every strategy and every project the company decides to undertake.

The values of an organization or workplace serve as a guiding principle when choosing the people and developing the culture of your company. Especially today, a positive and encouraging company culture is one of the most important aspects employees look. Values like work ethic, integrity, companionship, and continuous learning are examples of workplace values. Establishing the values for your company allows your employees to know HOW they should be carrying out the objectives for the company.

November 7, 2018