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Year End Review: The Top 5 Biggest Sustainable Innovations of 2019

Photo by Drew Beamer

In the beginning of the year, McKinsey posted an article that opened up discussion between sustainability experts on what technologies will drive the impact in Sustainable Innovations for the year 2019. To end the year, here are 5 innovations that have achieved significant growth.

  1. Public electric transport.

For the longest period of time, transportation has been one of the largest contributors to global gas emissions. Although this problem has not yet been fully solved on a global scale, more and more countries have made an effort to eradicate this problem. Today, “it’s not only individual vehicle owners who have better access to electric vehicles (EVs) than ever before—there are 160 electric and hybrid vehicle models available today—but municipalities are taking notice as well,” says Matt Rogers and adds that The European electric bus market is charging ahead. This is also happening in New York  and Qatar


2. Energy Storage

As the year ends, Julian Spector wrote an article on energy storage. This year, more batteries have been installed to store more clean power, more markets have opened up and the need for grid storage continues to expand. Read more here

3. Plastic Recycling

Another urgent matter at hand was addressed this year: plastic waste and how to properly manage them.

This article talks about the 3 different ways plastic is recycled: “mechanical recycling, chemical recycling, and processing the plastics waste back to basic feedstock”, as well as how to strengthen the waste-management chain through advanced development and improved technologies.

The importance of plastic recycling and the initiative to move forward has grown, especially in recent years, and the search for more innovative ways to tackle our global plastic problem is continuous. This coming February these issues will be further discussed at The Plastics Recycling Conference and Trade Show which is “the focal point for the increasingly complex and international plastics recycling industry. The event, now in its 15th year, brings together plastics reclaimers, equipment manufacturers, brand owners, brokers, government officials and leading sustainability voices from around the globe to deepen connections and push the sector forward. Don’t miss out on the industry event of the year.”

4. Accessible Solar Power

The year 2019 has been a good year for the progression of solar, it has become more cheaper and accessible even to homeowners (see: Residential Solar: Becoming Increasingly Cost-Effective And Customer-Friendly) and more importantly, to small communities in other parts of the world.

Recently, thirty-two solar panels were used to power the small community of Id Mjahdi, in Morocco. They are the first village in Africa to become “fully solar-powered” and aims to encourage a more sustainable future running on clean energy.

5. Hydropower

The Ecologist talks about the untapped power of Hydropower, Ocean Energy and hydropower advancements and how it can provide less emissions and cheaper costs for energy source in the coming years.

Hydropower, along with Wind and Solar, will soon overcome the use and demand for coal. Matt Egan from CNN also notes that, 2019 created a huge amount of opportunity for us to transition to renewable resources by 2021.

What to expect for 2020?

There is a huge amount of innovators, investors, and leaders present out there that genuinely care about our planet’s well-being, and are making every means possible to create more technologies and more ways for us to live sustainably. For the coming years, we can expect more people opening up discussions for climate awareness, more minds that will innovate and more solutions to come, in order to protect our planet and the future and the generations to come.

December 18, 2019

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