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Investing In Sustainable Agriculture

We face increasing challenges in global agriculture and food systems. Food waste, infrastructure inefficiencies, nutrition related diseases and climate changes,among others, all push toward the need for sustainable agriculture practices and technologies. Because of this,agriculture is becoming one of the leading topics in sustainable infrastructure development and impact investing.

Meeting the Need for Sustainable Agriculture Solutions

Growing challenges have created a sudden onset of pressure for sustainable solutions in agriculture. Not only is the focus on making sustainable agriculture methods more efficient, but also on developing new technologies for better food systems management. These and other challenges led Dr. Schindler to create a new initiative at his firm, which we have named Transformation World Agriculture, in order to address the biggest issues facing global agriculture today.

Transformation World Agriculture (TWA) is a new sustainable impact investing syndicate of large global capital investors. This initiative is guided by multiple national governments and inspired by the vision of the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation, for the progress of global agriculture and food systems management.

Transformation World Agriculture is dedicated to bringing together like-minded global investors and advisors from Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the USA.This investment syndicate will bring a minimum of $2 billion dollars of dedicated investment capital.

Transformation will play a developer and co-partner role alongside the syndicate investors in managing the capital and providing strategic advisory services as well as investing in project development and management. Our plan is to be an integral part of the total solution, because capital is essential and, to date, is deficient in the context of the challenge’s magnitude.

Join us in becoming a part of the solution and make an impact on sustainable agriculture. Contact Dr. Schindler to participate in the initiative.

“As the world’s population continues to surge it becomes ever more pressing to increase the production of healthy foods using Earth-friendly farming methods that can be sustained into the future.” – Peter Rockefeller