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6 Reasons Why Creating a Personal Website is Good for your Business

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As someone who has had essentially three careers, it can be challenging to explain to people who I am, and what I do. It never occurred to me that I’d need to spend more time dedicated to personal branding in order for my current business venture to succeed. But it did.

During my upbringing, my mother drilled into me that it wasn’t polite to talk about yourself, so I naturally did not feel comfortable with the 21st century model of personal branding. But in 2017, on the advice of my trusted SEO consultant, I finally gave in and acquired the domain “” Two years later, I can now say that having a personal website, whether you’re a corporate lawyer, sustainability advisory, investor, or all of the above, is well worth it, and can do wonders for your business.

Here are my 6 top reasons why a personal website is great for your business:

1. If you don’t craft your own story, someone else will craft it for you.

With the transition to all things digital, it’s important that you are the one telling your story, because no one will tell it better than you. Since my background is unique and each aspect of my history plays a big role in what I’m doing now, it’s important that people who want to understand my latest business, understand my why.

Since you can explore my personal website to understand my why, I’ll restate it in short form here: I became a lawyer out of my love of language and solutions, I became a venture capitalist after family tragedies made me pay more attention to the health of our world, and I started Transformation because I finally came to understand how to make impact investing actually work.

If you do not share your own story with everyone, you will be at the mercy of someone else trying to tell it. Creating your own personal website, no matter what your career looks like, is going to be helpful in getting to the bottom line of your story, and it will be best coming from you.

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2. Create trust with business partners and investors.

Behind every company or organization are the people who run it. When starting my new firm, it was clear to me that in order to succeed with new partners and investors, they’d have to trust me and understand where my value lies. Creating a place where people can find out information on my education, my corporate law career, and my career as an investor was the most efficient way to share this information.

Trust in business is everything, especially when you’re working in an area like impact investing, where it’s still a fairly new frontier. In order to improve trust with the people you will work with, make it easy for them to read about you and understand what you’ve done.

3. It serves as an additional outlet for your business.

No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the marketing business. In this day and age, digital marketing rules. So the more you can control the way your company is marketed online, the better you can craft your brand narrative that suits your company’s goals.

I started Transformation in 2017, so our digital footprint doesn’t have much history. However, since I’ve had an online history with my other firms, like SAIL Capital Partners, my personal website is an easy tool to point potential partners, clients, and investors to Transformation and find out more about it. Essentially, your personal website can be a great way to lead more people to your business.

On my website, I have this video expressing why I started Transformation:   

4. It’s easy for people to remember.

Declining attention spans in the mobile world make it hard for anyone to remember a company name. But if you have a website that’s simply your first and last name, it’s much more likely people will remember.  So you should create a separate business card with your name and personal website, and pass out the card in addition to your business branded card.

In this age of sound bites, do what you have to do to be perceived and remembered.  What’s worked for me is having a personal website.   Then, they know your name, they’ll be able to easily find you online, learn more about you and your business, and have an easy way to contact you.

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In addition to the reasons described above, creating a personal website has helped me to give advice as a ”thought leader” in the areas of corporate law, sustainability, and impact investing. In that regard, I’ve not only learned more about myself, but also more about how people behave and react to things, and that is the key to  any business.

September 25, 2019

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